Dear Participants,
please read carefully the following Terms & Conditions of Saint Gabriel Interieur concerning the “Best Pattern Design" competition 2016. Each participant has to send an admitting formular - new formular will and the competition pattern graphic via mail including text/decripition about the pattern concept. Please do not take part if you do not agree with these terms!
Good Luck
Your Saint Gabriel Interieur-Team
+++++++++++++++++++++++++ TERMS & REGISTRATION ++++++++++++


1. General Rules



The Gallery Saint Gabriel Interieur is the organiser of the Competition "Best Pattern Design" The following Terms shall apply to all transactions and legal obligations between Gallery Saint Gabriel Interieur (Wittelsbacherallee 65, D-60385 Frankfurt/Germany - collectively the “Organiser”) and all participants (the “Participant”) in the Best Pattern Design competition. 



Any kinf of contact with the Organiser must be made in writing by mail: bestpatterndesign@web.de



New terms or conditions or changes of terms/conditions are always possibles an will be annouced by each participants via mail.



Fort these Competition the Participant can send any kind of Pattern. The pattern can be just a concept or an already used design.



For the jury the participant can send patten only as a graphic/photograph via mail: bestpatterndesign@web.de

For this competition we do not accept products or materials.



Each participant has to send a complet admitting formular:


includinh the correct name/adress/contact/mail/phonenr… otherwice we can not accept the entry.



The Organiser is not be liable for any wrong details about the Participants or the name of the send pattern, concept texts etc…



The participant agrees by taking part on thic competition the competition rules an the decision of the jury.



There are no fees/costs for this competition


2. Property & Designrights



By registering for the competition, each Paticipantes assures that the entered product neither infringes any rights of third person/parties. Every Participant can send more then one pattern design.

IMPORTANT NOTE: please send for each Design an extra admitting formular, mail mit the graphic & decription otherelse the entry in invalid!



The Paticipant gives by taking part on this competition the Organisator the permit to publish and announce its name/weblink/patternname/pattern graphic/photograph and the concepttext during one year an the http://bestpatterndesign.jimdo.com page, favebook page, flyer and other publications on web or newspapers/magazines. The Participant data will be deleated after one year. The Organisator is not selling or using the send information for other purposes.


3. Award


The Jury is voting for the best 3 pattern. The best 3 pattern can be also from one Participant in case he send more then one pattern. The design work will be exhibited in the Gallery Saint Gabriel Interieur from 16.01. - 24.01.16. Each of the 3 winner will receive a certificate for this competition and the possibility to exhibit and sell one product in the gallery Saint Gabriel Interieur during the perion of one year (Jan.-Dec.2016). There will be no extra fees or costs for the winner. This offer is not obligatory for the winner.


4. Jury


The Organisator is invinting each year  at least 3 different Jurymembers to take part on this competition. Every year there will be at least one of the winners part of the jury. The name of the Jury will be published on the 10th of Jan. 2016. The Jurymembers are artists, designer, photographer, interieur designer or illustrator with experience in pattern design.


Frankfurt, 05. 11. 2015