Best Pattern Design - THE Winners

1. Place - Eugen Vasile

2. Place - Eugen Vasile

3. Place- Renatte MĂĽlleri

Each of the 3 winner will receive a certificate for his competition and the possibility to exhibit and sell one product in the Gallery Saint Gabriel Interieur - based in Frankfurt am Main/Germany. Saint Gabriel Interieur sells for more then 15 years Art and Design from young designer, artists, photzographer…

The winner have - if they wish - the opprotunity to sell and present during one year one their product in the gallery. During this period the Saint Gabriel Interieur-Team also promotes this products and is surching for new shops/companies wo wants to use/print the patter of the winners.

There will be no extra fees or costs for the winner. This offer is not obligatory for the winner.